Narcissist Quiz

Here’s where I’m supposed to say this quiz is for entertainment purposes only and not intended to really diagnose anything.

And that’s true. Onward…

The fact is people who show Narcissist traits – and traits of the other cluster B personality disorders, for that matter – simply behave differently than 95% of people.

So ask yourself:

Does this person often put you down in a way that makes you feel bad?

Is this person uninterested in how you feel, especially if you’re hurt emotionally by what they say/do?

Are they ever mistrustful of your motives when you act nice to them?

So they think the rules don’t apply to them?

Do they act like the world revolves around them?

If you answered yes to more than a few of the questions above, you may want to check out our eBook How To Stop Narcissists From Messing With Your Life. Get more info here.