Is Someone You Know A Narcissist? Take This Quiz…

Dealing with someone who seems intent on making your life a living hell is hell.

Whether it’s only thinking about themselves… or an arrogant and entitled attitude… or intimidation… it’s enough to drive anyone a little bonkers.

If you’re curious to know if the difficult person in your life shows traits of narcissism, take our narcissist quiz here.

(Please note – this is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to be a professional psychological diagnosis).



2 thoughts on “Is Someone You Know A Narcissist? Take This Quiz…”

  1. The person in my life is a self absorbed person who only thinks of himself it’s all about him and yes the world does revolve around him

  2. The person I’m my life has done everything to destroy my life, lies about me all the time to her friends or to anyone I know that she knows. Even went so far as to make sure I never see my great grand kids after they were in my life for 11 years and 5 years. During that time she wanted nothing to do with them. Says I stole her daughter from her so she’s paying me back by taking the kids away from me.

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