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Narcissists From
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Discover your secret "playbook" to put an end to the stress and drama - and get your peace of mind back...

Dear Friend,

If you're on this page I know it's because you just took our quiz that revealed you're dealing with someone who shows at least one (or more) signs of being a Narcissist.

See if you answer yes to at least one of the following questions:

  • Are you tired of being frustrated by their endless lying and manipulation?
  • Does it ever drive you nuts that this person seems oblivious to the pain they cause other people (in other words, their lack of "empathy")?
  • Do they have a vicious temper and might jump into a rage anytime you don't do something the exact way they want it done - or worst yet, you give them evidence they're wrong?
  • Do you ever hold back or "walk on eggshells" to avoid their verbal attacks, insults and put-downs?
  • If they don't like something you said - often a valid criticism - do they ever play "mind games" and turn things around on YOU?
  • Does it bug you they almost never take responsibility for themselves, and instead blame other people for just about everything?
  • Do you ever wish they'd finally come to their senses and start behaving like a normal, decent human being ?

If you answered yes to at least ONE of the above questions... you're in the right place.

Dealing With A Self-Centered Narcissist Can Make Even The Best Of Us A Little Lonely, Anxious or even Depressed...

It's true.

It's can be like a living nightmare trying to handle a Narcissist - whether it's your spouse, partner, family member, or someone else.

And few of us know who we are dealing with until we've already suffered far too long.


Because no one ever taught us how to identify - and contain - these toxic people in the first place.

The first and most important thing to understand is that many of these folks show traits of what psychologists call a Personality Disorder.

And you want to know something sorta... shocking?

Studies show up to 10% of people have a personality disorder - and Narcissism is the most common one!

So you're not alone in dealing with one of these super difficult, controlling people.

The good news is there's a way to learn how to successfully handle them, heal yourself and get your life back.

But before we get to that...

You've Known For Awhile Something Was Wrong With Them - You Just Couldn't Put Your Finger On It...

To people on the outside, the Narcissist may appear:




But did you know deep down inside they're actually extremely insecure?

The reality is they have a HUGE hole in their self-esteem (revealed in a 2014 study). That's why they constantly seek to fill it up with attention and validation from other people.

And that's also why if you point out even a minor personal flaw to them - for example, a little mistake they made - they erupt like Mount Vesuvius.

It's also why they'll say things to get you to feel weak, powerless or even stupid. All those put downs are designed to make them feel better about themselves. (Sick, right?)

They are SO sensitive from their deep lack of self-esteem they'll do almost anything to protect their facade of confidence and perfection.

Truly confident people don't need to brag and boast and be the center of attention. They just quietly go through life creating success for themselves.

Makes sense, right?

But that's not who the Narcissist is.

Here's How Narcissists Try To Crush The Souls Of Those Around Them (and What To Do About It...)

Unfortunately Narcissists are often emotional vampires, sucking the life out of everyone they touch.

For example...

Does it ever humiliate or embarrass you when they condescend or verbally abuse you in front of other people?

Do you ever find it crazy-making when they behave horribly to you - and then act like nothing happened? (this is a form of psychological torture by the way)

Have they blamed you for so much and played so many mind games (perhaps even "gas lighting") that sometimes you doubt yourself or wonder if YOU are part of the problem?

Or... do you ever feel intimidated or helpless to stand up for yourself because you know it'll just make things 10x worse?

The fact is Narcissists (and other toxic people) can make life hell for the folks in relationships with them.

And while we all wish they would see the errors in their ways and go get help to stop being such a jerk - odds are very low that'll happen.

In fact, even with therapy Narcissism is a tough one to fix. It's sometimes possible (as several studies have shown) but tough.

This Means We Can't Waste Our Precious Time Just "Hoping" They'll Change Some Day...

Waiting for them to change on their own would be downright silly.

So we really have 2 options:

1) Accept them exactly as they are and decide to put up with the suffering for as long as they feel like being an entitled, self-absorbed jerk.


2) Do something about it.

I don't know about you but I think doing something about it is the healthier choice.

We need to take action.

Not a year from now.

Not tomorrow.

But today.

That's why I'm so proud of the ground-breaking eBook I've been working feverishly on, night and day for months now.

It's written specifically for folks like us who have a Narcissist in their lives and are ready to put a stop to the chaos and find peace again.

It's called How To Stop Narcissists From Messing Up Your Life.

This is a very special e-book written specifically to help you deal with the Narcissist in your life

What you'll discover inside aren't "pie in the sky" ideas. These are practical, easy-to-learn approaches to reduce your frustration and worry.

And this isn't one of those books that just bashes the Narcissist but doesn't give you any real guidance on how to handle them.

Instead, you'll learn the tactics to deal with this person more confidently and you'll discover a mature, emotionally healthy perspective on the what's really happening... so you can get your life back.

Your situation can get better. And getting the right help can make a huge difference.

I personally believe this may be the single best tool available anywhere, at any price, to help you deal with the Narcissist in your life.

Here's Just A Glimpse Of What You'll Learn Inside...

  • The Narcissist has 3 big weapons to push your buttons: guilt, blame and shame. Here's how to wrestle back control of your own emotions and re-claim your power
  • Narcissists are known for dominating conversations. Do they ever cut you off mid-sentence or even just get up and leave when they hear something they don't like? You'll learn a skill anyone can use to stop this immediately.
  • Why Narcissists lash out in anger - even at the smallest offense - the way they do (and how to stop their verbal arrows from hurting you)
  • 3 common mistakes almost everyone makes when dealing with a Narcissist - and how YOU can avoid them (NOTE: this is a key to keeping calm and centered when you're around them)
  • FACT: Many people dealing with a narcissist get sucked into a role of "pleasing" them and "enabling" their bad behavior. Here's how to know if you're falling for this trap - and how to get out of it today.
  • What do to if you secretly (or not so secretly) worry this person could physically harm you or someone you love

FACT: 75% Of Narcissists are men.

  • 3 specific strategies Narcissists use to disarm you and then blame you for their complaints (and how to handle each one)
  • Do you ever find yourself startled or panicky when they call or text you? Here's how to reduce this "flight or fight" response immediately.
  • How to tell the difference between a normal person who hurts your feelings and a Narcissist
  • Life it too short to spend your time beating yourself up in your own head. Sadly many folks dealing with a Narcissist "swallow the poison" of the constant criticism thrown at them. Here's how to forgive yourself for any mistakes you've made and get re-connected with the inherent goodness that's always been inside your heart
  • If you're in a situation where you have the choice to leave the relationship (for example they are your spouse or partner) here's a proven process to make sure your decision to stay or go is the right one for you... so you don't regret it later.
  • Ever have a hard time convincing others of the emotional harm this person does? Here's why society supports "bullying" behavior, how to get others to see things from your perspective and how to stop getting irritated when they can't
  • Why it's so easy to give in to the Narcissist's demands - even when they rarely do anything nice for you except when they get something out of it
  • Tired of walking on eggshells around them? Here are 3 simple techniques to get your self-esteem back after Narcissistic Abuse (even if they have belittled you for years)
  • The reason nice, kind, sensitive people seem to have a harder time dealing with Narcissists - and what to do about it if this describes you

FACT: 4.8% of women have Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

  • What science says about how  Narcissists brains are wired differently (and what we can learn from this to better handle their heartless, arrogant behavior)
  • What to do if the Narcissist is a blood relative or in-law you can't simply cut-off
  • The #1 reason Narcissists don't give a crap about hurting your feelings - and are even so cruel they will hurt you on purpose
  • When we go through hard times in life, one of the most important things we can do is LEARN from it. You'll learn a simple technique to squeeze all the lessons you can from dealing with this person (this is an important step to improving your mood and confidence)
  • Do you ever resent the Narcissist for winning every argument - without giving 2 cents about your opinion on things? Here's how to put an end to this.
  • Ever "attack back" only to find it gets you nowhere? Here's how to develop an authentic and assertive voice to get your needs met (without slipping into self-righteousness yourself)
  • How to find a newfound confidence by learning how to respond when they insult you in front of people you care about
  • Do they ever act dismissive, critical or just plain annoyed when you give them evidence they're flat out wrong? Here's a simple comeback to use the next time this happens.

FACTS: Men with Narcissism have higher rates of substance abuse. More narcissistic women believe others envy them..

  • Narcissists often use charm and flattery to get what they want. This may feel good to us in the moment... but off-putting at the same time. Something just doesn't seem right. Here's how to sharpen your intuition so you can tell the next time any Narcissist is doing this to manipulate you.
  • Narcissists use subjective criticisms you can't prove or disapprove. These negative opinions and "prickly words" wear you down over time. Here's how to stop this cycle (even if you've tried and failed in the past)
  • Narcissists live off of "Narcissistic Supply." Here's what this is, why it's important and how to recognize if you're giving this to the Narcissist without even knowing it (this is what keeps them feeding off you)
  • One way to protect yourself is by establishing "boundaries." The problem is the Narcissist is quite skilled at making you feel foolish for having them. Here's your answer.
  • Are you in a romantic relationship with a Narcissist but everything seems to be about them? Instead of give-and-take they just take-take-take? Here is an easy communication tool to assert what you need in a way that makes it easier for them to hear
  • Are you still hopeful they'll change? We'll share with you what the latest research shows about how likely Narcissists are to improve their behavior - and simple yet powerful things you can do to encourage them in the right direction
  • Did you know many Narcissists use shame to fool you into feeling inferior? Here's how to recognize this "mind control tactic" early - and how to hold up an emotional shield against it's devastating effects
  • and much, much more...

How To Tell If This Book Is Right For You...

This eBook isn't for everyone.

If you want a "magic button" to press and presto! the Narcissist has turned into a wonderful, caring, generous person over night, this book isn't for you.

If you're looking for how to get "revenge" on the Narcissist, while I can empathize with this craving, this eBook isn't for you.

If you're unwilling to learn even one new skill, then again this eBook isn't for you.


If you're sick and tired of feeling frustrated by the lies, manipulation and mind games...

If you're annoyed by the one-way relationship, the belittling and demeaning behavior that they clearly have no shame about...

If you're ready for things to finally improve and for you to begin to feel better despite this person's best attempts to put you down (or outright ignoring your needs)...

... then this book is precisely for you.

It was written with one goal in mind:

To give you the tools to end the drama, reclaim your power and get your peace of mind back.

What Would This Be Worth To You?

Take a minute and consider what the Narcissist is already costing you right now.

What would it be worth to be free of all the needless drama and fighting?

What would it be worth to enjoy your life without this person's bad behavior distracting you and bringing you down?

What would it be worth to make sense of your situation and finally see a way out?

Most people would say getting all the things listed on this page would be...priceless.

The problem is it's hard to put a price tag on priceless.

But what we do know is therapists cost on average around $125/hour.

For a therapist to teach you everything in this information-packed eBook would take at least 4 sessions (and that's assuming they even know everything inside, which is doubtful).

4 sessions x $125 = $500.

Obviously this eBook won't cost you $500 (even if it is that valuable).

I wanted to price it so as many people as possible could afford it - while I continue to grow this little site to reach more and more people.

So the price isn't $500. Or even $100. Or even $50.

For just $27 you'll get the entire eBook that will help you successfully deal with the narcissist - and heal your own emotions - in a way you never have before.

In fact, we're so confident in the ideas you'll learn inside that we're going to back up your small investment today with...

Your Personal No-Risk 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If I were in your shoes, I'd want to go through the whole eBook, and if I wasn't satisfied I'd want my money back.

Just seems fair, right?

In fact if it doesn't help you I wouldn't feel right keeping your money.

So order it now. Take a full 2 months to see the positive changes it makes in your situation. We think you'll be more than just "impressed."

But if for any reason you're not happy, you have a full 60 days to let us know. Just send us an email, you'll get a prompt refund, no questions asked... and we can still be friends. :)

It's that easy.

Our guarantee means you have nothing to lose by trying this powerful eBook for yourself today.

Click the "Add To Cart" button below and you'll be taken to our secure check out page:

Get Instant Access. Available 24/7

As soon as you enter your information, you’ll get instant access to How to Stop Narcissists From Messing Up Your Life.

You'll get all the tactics and approaches for putting a stop to the bad behavior, boosting your confidence around them and even opening the door to change.

And you'll get it right from your computer, tablet or smart phone without waiting for anything to show up by mail. Pretty cool.

The Choice Is Now Yours...

Whether the Narcissist is your partner, family member, or someone else, you really have just two options:

1) Keep doing what you're doing (and keep getting what you're getting).

2) Try something new and give this one-of-a-kind eBook a chance to work in your life with zero risk.

If our book works for you, you'll email us a thank you note in the not so distant future (we love those!)

If it doesn't, you'll send us an email requesting a refund and you'll be back to where you are today. No better, no worse.

See how there's really no risk to give this a shot?

The choice is yours.

We suggest you download the book now and let your own results decide whether you keep it or not.

We truly believe it will become your "secret playbook" to profoundly improve - or even transform - your situation with the Narcissist.

We wish you the best of luck and hope you allow this book to work its magic in your life.

All the best,


PS: Remember, the 100% money-back guarantee removes all the risk. We can't make it any easier to give our eBook a try. We hope you take us up on our offer and click the button below to download your zero-risk copy right now.

Click the "Add To Cart" button below and you'll be taken to our secure check out page:

Get Instant Access. Available 24/7


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