4 Types Of Narcissism (Dr. Ramani Video)

I found a great video about 4 types of Narcissism and I wanted to share it with you below.

In it Dr. Ramani Durvasula, a licensed clinical psychologist, discusses (in her view) the 4 different types of narcissism and how to spot each.

What I really liked about Dr. Ramani is her ability to breakdown the sometimes confusing topics of narcissism and mental health into relate-able chunks we can understand much more easily.

Now, that being said, there is one think Dr. Ramani says that can be a bit confusing – and I’d like to clarify. I’m not a therapist and could be wrong about this, but here’s my two cents:

At one point she says Narcissism isn’t a personality disorder. Actually it is and in fact I believe I’ve seen other videos where she discusses this. I believe what she means is she distinguishes between folks we call Narcissists (people with narcissistic traits, in her opinion perhaps 10-15% of the population) and folks with full blown Narcissist Personality Disorder (which is closer to about 5% of the population).

My advice is this – don’t get bogged down in trying to figure out whether the Narcissist in your life has a diagnose-able personality disorder or not. It really doesn’t matter. And unless they decide to go to a therapist (unlikely) you’ll never know. What DOES matter is they show Narcissistic traits. If so, you need to arm yourself with the knowledge of what’s going on inside them and how you can handle their toxic behavior when it’s directed to you. For a world-class resource on this exact topic, please check out our ebook here.

Okay, that’s was a super long tangent (lol). Here’s a few notes on what you’ll learn in this short and fun-to-watch 15 minute video:

The 4 Type of Narcissists:

    1. The Classic Grandiose Narcissist: Lacks empathy. Arrogant. Pompous. Attention seeking. Validation seeking. Self-centered.


    1. The Malignant Narcissist: This is the Classic Narcissist + a vicious mean streak. They don’t feel guilty when they do something bad. Almost a bit psychopathic. These are the ones that’ll cheat on a partner and not feel bad about it – or even blame their partner for their affair. Bernie Madoff is an example. If you’re on this page there’s a good likelihood the Narcissist in your life is malignant.


    1. The Covert Narcissist: At around minute 4 Dr. Ramani describes this person as a victim and yet still grandiose. The world never “gets” their greatness. They can be passive aggressive if criticized. Some people say the Covert Narcissist is actually someone who on the outside looks great and charming, but behind closed doors is abusive (in other words a Malignant Narcissist).


    1. The Communal Narcissist: Someone who does a ton of good works for charities but brags about it, so they aren’t really doing it to help others – they’re doing it for the accolades they’ll receive.


In the last 5 minutes of the video Dr. Ramani talks about how Narcissistic traits help them succeed materially in today’s world and how Narcissists can have friends if they’re so bad.

To Dr. Ramani and Med Circle – thank you so much for taking the time to put out this video. We’re sure it’s helping a ton of folks get a better understanding of the Narcissist in their lives.



3 thoughts on “4 Types Of Narcissism (Dr. Ramani Video)”

  1. Out of the 4 type of Narcissists, I can take a bit from each and relate it to the individual that I know. The main type for this person that I know is malignant, but he also lake empathy, he does good things to get attention, and play head games. There should be a 5th type (one that cover all above).

  2. I married a Sociopath/Narcissistic man, certainly not the label I choose to say what he is, imo he can’t be called a Man. I endured 18yrs of heinous abuse that has destroyed me and the woman I had strived to become. What’s worse than this? I’m 56 now, my Son is exactly the same as the man who couldn’t care 2b his Dad and I’ve recently affirmed my Dtr has Narcissistic behaviors. Unfortunately I now live w/the regret of disowning my Son and I desperately want him back in my life as I’ve learned I’m dying and have so much to say but more so because I love him despite all the lies, betrayals, slander, blame. I’ve forgiven him. I’ve accepted all done against me by him and my dtr- none of it matters because I’ve been able to see and understand who/what they are, that’s the hardest obstacle I believe. Acceptance of their disease, removing all the pain w/in me caused by their actions/choices, 4 giving it all. Ppl talk about boundaries: Placed those yrs ago- never mattered. They can’t change, they don’t recognize or accept who they are. It took me so long to see both my adult children following their fathers personalities, eventually becoming Narcissists. There are more than 4 types unfortunately. There is an Overt/Covert Narcissist, according to the DSM of Mental Disorders Personality Disorders can coinside w/in each different Disorder but each must have their own “criteria” for diagnosis. At this point? None of this matters to me anymore. It’s too late for me to help them. I suffer from my own mental (disease) illness since ppl seem to accept that term more easily finally. I can say my Son has continually refused to allow me back in his life, I asked my dtr to attempt to speak with him about my remorse and loss of temper and that I need him, love him and 4give him. He changed his phone #. My dtr refuses to let me have it. My Mom wanted it and she refused to allow her to have it, all 2 the claims of ” he doesn’t want anyone to have it ” which hurt my Mom, in turn angered me that my dtr would deny her grandmother. This is who they R. There’s no boundaries effective enough to stop the pain ( in all forms) they can /will cause those who love them. I’ve been gaslighted and it’s not a joke. Over time it will change your minds perspective on all U thought U knew and can eventually institutionalize U. My Adult Children are Toxic and the only advice I can give? Get out of the relationship. Set your boundaries and be firm but accept those boundaries can also mean removing the person or family from your life. Get help for Urself because I’ve been in psychiatric care for over 20years. U need help to find the person you use to be. U will never be that exact person again but you can learn to accept what U endured, attempt to heal, and forgive all wrongs done by the ones U loved so deeply. Gd Luck 2 all who may read this.

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