20 Signs Of Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome


We just found a very insightful YouTube video by Surviving and Thriving. The description of the channel says she’s dedicated to spreading awareness of narcissistic abuse as well as healing tips for survivors and adult children of narcissistic parents.

Sounds great to us!

Like she says, when it comes to abusive relationships with a narcissist, over time the narcissist looks healthier and healthier while their target looks sicker and sicker.

We couldn’t agree more.

There are a ton of great nuggets in this video. One of them is the observation that narcissists will often use the phrase “I know who you really are” to put their target down and get the upper hand psychologically.

But we can fight back. By being aware of this and other tactics they use, we can see what’s truly going on. And that’ll help us not fall prey to their mind games (or at least recover quicker when we do).

We hope you learn one profound thing from this video. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “20 Signs Of Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome”

  1. I am seeking to overcome being the child in adulthood victim. I am crippled in my everyday life being, trying to figure out what I have done to be where I am today? All knowing where it comes from, but, slow to put blaim on the true source. I will be 56 Thursday, and seeking out for Help. I can’t seem to shake the curse. It is Jesus Christ that has been my rock thus far, but, I have even been at times lost in feeling HIS Grace. I can’t heal by myself, I need help by someone who knows what I’m going through and not just telling me that I just need to forgive and move on, which I have continued to forgive, but, not healing. Dad is 91 and doesn’t stop destroying, even at a distance.
    Please Help me.

  2. My husband has been diagnose with have Bi-polar but, I really think he also has narcissistic Personality Disorder on top of it! He starts talking too, me then he starts getting very very angry, he stands up over top of me just yelling full force! Then walks out of the room goes upstairs slams the door! Comes back 15 mins later like, happy, smiling and laughing like nothing just happened! Weird right we have been married 31 years! He has been like this since 1983! A sociologist told me he had all the signs of bi-polar. He drinks so, much alcohol and he is finally taking medication, but still drinks! I have actually just given up on him! I feel he is on a suicide mission! You mention in all your steps I am a victim, but with my Lord and Savior by my side I have been able to fight Satan all these years! When he starts to talk normally, I feel it’s a trap that he is setting me up, for an aggressive painful argument! But, threw the years I have learned say what you need to say, ignore the response! Because, you can not reason with a bi-polar personality!

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